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Cynthia Shepp





Cynthia Shepp resides in Alabama with her loving husband and three children. She attends Grand Canyon University and will soon complete her BA in English Literature.

As an editor and book junkie, Cynthia loves to read just about anything and currently runs a blog specializing in book reviews.

This anthology started out as a contest on Cynthia’s Facebook page but grew into an idea and came together to form a fascinating book. The authors and readers were given the opportunity to write a short story that had to be written using the guidelines provided. Cynthia was in shock and awe at the entries she received. She knew that more than the followers on her page needed the chance to read these stories, so she decided to put together an anthology and publish it. These stories come from already published authors as well as readers who aspired to write.

The guidelines used to write these short stories were ones that Cynthia thought would appeal to the audience:

I want you to imagine that the world as we know it has ended. Total Apocalypse. You only have yourself and one other person you can rely on (your choice). There is no power, no water, and you are armed with only a backpack of supplies. In your backpack there are matches, four bottles of water, enough food to make it three days, and one weapon (your choice). Spin me a story and tell me what you would do. Spin a web of survival, danger, and conflict. Tell me why the world as you knew it ended, tell me your fears, make up a world in which nothing is the same and survival is hard, and the world is against you. Tell me what you would do, where you would go, how you would get food and water, how you would protect yourself, and how you would make your life over again. You could even throw in some romance and meet some new people to help you on your journey.

Cynthia believes that the authors of these short stories more than met the guidelines; they exceeded even her expectations. Hopefully, you enjoy reading these as much as she did. Please leave a review when you are finished on Amazon or Goodreads and give your thoughts. Also, please take the opportunity to connect with these amazing authors. Author links are included on the individual title pages of the stories as well as on their bio pages of this website.

Enjoy your read!